Making a Difference through 
Music, Literacy, & Technology

 Making a Difference through 
Music, Literacy, & Technology

Zig's Hands on with Zig interactive educational based music, technology and literacy events and workshops partner multicultural and contemporary themes. Zig's programs are offered as interactive performances/concerts and as workshops for all ages. Audience members actively participate in a fun, meaningful, positive learning experience. The trusted and proven programs are designed to educate and inspire lives by enhancing student achievement and encouraging critical thinking by integrating educational strategies and cross-curricular connections as related to real-world applications.  In an educational setting, the cross-curricular  programs are an extension of the classroom for 21st Century Learning, which also tie-in the subjects of math, social studies, science, history, language arts, physical education and social skills by enhancing existing curriculum with easy-to-replicate lessons. The innovative and engaging programs are appropriate for all audiences based on grade/age level content and vocabulary


"Your performance was outstanding and incorporated many different cultures and subject areas!" East Cheatham ES


"Rarely have I seen such a dynamic teacher (Zig) who can generate student accomplishments beyond their expectations. Especially when working with the entire gamut of education ranging from At-Risk to those who are gifted and talented."  School, Band & Orchestra magazine

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Drumset - Percussionist (live, studio, e-sessions)

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